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Welcome to Pet Everyday, a blog dedicated to animal lovers across the nation.

  • How It Got Started

The journey began in 2015 as a small blog, offering various tips and information for pet owners everywhere. As the proud and loving parents of two Pomeranians and more than thirteen rescue cats, we wanted a space where we could reach out to others who sought out advice and recommendations for the well-being of their animals. On the website, we spoke about everything pet-related, from short anecdotes to tips on which foods and treats to buy.

  • Affiliate

The site contains affiliate links, it provides a variety of products and supplements aimed at keeping your animals healthy and fit. It’s incredibly important to me to offer items that are perfectly suited for your pet. The website is currently mainly geared towards cats and dogs.

  • Pet Everyday Philosophy 

The primary objective of Pet Everyday is to help you maintain the well-being of your pets, and providing the appropriate goods is part of this mission. However, simply offering up great merchandise isn’t our only job. As pet owners who understand what it takes to offer our animals full and healthy lives, we feel a responsibility to share my knowledge with others.

Our dedication stems from my passion for animals, and these pets remain our top priority. PetEveryday.com is a small and independent blog that is fully committed to helping you make your pets’ lives better, and will do our best to fulfill this promise.

We always open to your questions and comments, so please feel free to contact us at any time. Your input is incredibly important, and we’d love to hear from you.