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Top 5 Most Dangerous Foods for Dogs

Everyone knows chocolate can be toxic to dogs, but did you know there are many other foods humans consume on a daily basis that are equally or even more dangerous? Here are five dangerous foods for dogs. 1. Grapes and Raisins It is well documented that grapes and raisins can cause irreversible kidney damage in […]

10 Ways to Optimize Your Pet’s Health

Keep the Weight Off Extra weight contributes to a whole slew of health problems, including arthritis, diabetes, respiratory compromise, and liver problems in cats. Studies show that obesity can shorten pets lives up to two and half years! Brush Those Teeth Removing plaque by brushing regularly can help prevent tartar build up.¬† Bacteria from dental […]

Top 5 Common Feline Toxicities

The majority of calls to the animal poison control center tend to be concerning dogs having eaten something they shouldn’t. Cats tend to be a little more discriminating about what they put in their mouths, but are still at risk for toxicity from common household products and human food. Here are the most common feline […]

Top 5 Ways to Care for Senior Pets

As people are taking better and better care of their pets, they are living longer. As a result, more pets are reaching their ‘senior years‘ than ever before.¬†Taking care of senior pets can take a little more attention and time. By doing these extra steps can help ensure a healthy happy four-legged friend for many […]

Canine Influenza: The Dog Flu

Canine influenza has hit mainstream media with scary headlines such as ‘Dangerous Dog Flu’ and ‘Deadly Virus.’ Currently, only 29 states have confirmed cases of the canine flu, but there has still been significant worry amongst dog owners. Here’s what you need to know about canine influenza, or the dog flu. Can I catch it? […]

4 Tips to Determine If Your Dog Is Obese

Obesity is becoming an epidemic in our pet populations, right along with humans. It is estimated that over half of cats and dogs in the United States are overweight. Since obesity contributes to a whole host of serious health problems, weight control is one of the factors owners have the most control over in terms […]

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

The diagnosis of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (also known as FIV or feline AIDS ) can be devastating to any cat owner. In order to make an informed decision going forward, it is crucial to understand the disease and the options you have. This article will touch on the most common questions surrounding the disease and […]