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Baby Elephant Sees Goat for the First Time

This baby elephant reminds me of myself when I was 6 years old and saw an iguana in a restaurant. I was really terrified that it might escape and eat me. This elephant sees a goat for the first time and his reaction was hilarious. He seemed to be confused at first, probably thinking it was […]

Dog Thrown Out Of Car By Owner and Left To Die

Abandoned, tossed out of a car like an empty beer bottle, Frogger was abandoned and left for dead. Although he was rescued, who could afford to pay $12,000 for the surgery it would require fixing his broken back? Precious though he was, euthanasia seemed inevitable. Inevitable, that is, until we – animal lovers everywhere – […]

Kitten Season

Is there anything more adorable than a tiny kitten? They’re so frisky and fun and cuddly and… everywhere. Is there anything more tragic than seeing all those precious little balls of fur and knowing there are far more cats than there are families that need them? Yes, it’s great fun to raise a litter of […]

Kitten with Congenital Heart Defects

Here is another heart-felt cat rescue story: Jules, a feisty little kitten with congenital heart defects and whose passion is chasing dog tails. He was brought to the shelter as a stray where the vet discovered he not only had a heart murmur but several other congenital heart problems as well. You wouldn’t know it from […]

Moo Moo – The Cat Rescued From a Hoarder

Here is another wonderful cat rescue story. Moo Moo (Zelly) was rescued from a hoarders’ house along with about 40 other cats. He was finally adopted to a couple who had only one cat, and he quickly adapted to his new environment. He became a loving companion, both to the humans who found him constantly […]

FIV+ Cat With Three Legs

FIV positive cat rescue: Handsome is an FIV+ cat with three legs. How anyone could tie up a cat’s leg and leave it until it rotted is beyond belief. Luckily Handsome’s neighbor took the cat and turned him over to people who could help him. If he were a person, the emotional scars he carried […]

What It Is Like To Work With Cats!

If it’s another dull day at the office… well, try adding a cat.  They’ll help reorganize your supplies, keep an eye on the printing, check to see if everything is filed properly, and make sure your papers are thoroughly shredded. They’ll even edit your typing and give you a massage when you need one – […]

Abused Dog Runs Away From Home

Finding the courage to leave an unbearable life – only to be brought back to it. Giving your trust to someone who promises to always be there for you – and to watch that promise broken again and again. To love someone unconditionally, asking nothing in return but to be loved in return… What human […]