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Why Cats hate Water?

January 20, 2024/

Key Takeaways – Cats’ dislike for water is evolutionary, rooted in their hunting nature. – It’s influenced by sensory discomfort and the feeling…

How Cats sleep?

January 20, 2024/

Key Takeaways – Cats sleep on average 12-16 hours a day – They experience both light and deep sleep – Sleeping positions vary,…

How Cats show Love?

January 20, 2024/

Key Takeaways – Cats express love through various behaviors – Signs include purring, slow blinking, and kneading – Each cat has unique ways…

Why cats Meow?

January 20, 2024/

Key Takeaways – Cats meow for communication and express needs – Meows can indicate hunger, pain, attention-seeking, or stress – Understanding context helps…

Why Cats Bite you?

January 20, 2024/

Key Takeaways – Cats may bite due to playfulness, stress, or fear – Biting could indicate overstimulation or aggression – Training and understanding…

Why Cats Knead?

January 20, 2024/

Key Takeaways – Kneading is a natural behavior stemming from kittenhood – Cats knead to show contentment, mark territory, or express comfort –…

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