Can cats get covid?

Key Takeaways
– COVID-19 in cats
– Feline susceptibility
– Precautionary measures

Amidst the pandemic, concerns have surfaced about the susceptibility of pets, particularly cats, to COVID-19. Understanding whether cats can contract the virus and the measures to safeguard their health becomes crucial for pet owners.

Can Cats Get COVID-19?

Feline Susceptibility:

  • Cats can indeed contract COVID-19. While cases are relatively rare, they’ve been reported worldwide.


  • Cats can catch the virus through close contact with infected individuals or surfaces contaminated with the virus.

Signs of COVID-19 in Cats:

  1. Symptoms in Cats:
    • Respiratory Issues
    • Coughing
    • Sneezing
    • Lethargy

Understanding Feline Susceptibility:

Vulnerability Factors:

  • ACE2 Receptors: Cats possess ACE2 receptors, similar to humans, which makes them susceptible to the virus.
  • Close Contact Exposure: Cats living with infected individuals have a higher likelihood of contracting the virus.

COVID-19 Cases in Cats:

Region Reported Cases
United States Reported
United Kingdom Reported
Europe Reported

Precautionary Measures for Cat Owners:

Safety Measures:

  • Limit Contact: Minimize interactions between infected individuals and cats.
  • Isolation: If diagnosed with COVID-19, isolate from pets to reduce the risk of transmission.

FAQs: Can Cats Get COVID?

Question Answer
Can cats transmit COVID-19 to humans? There’s limited evidence of cat-to-human transmission, but caution and preventive measures are recommended.
Should COVID-positive owners avoid cats? Yes, to reduce transmission risk, COVID-positive individuals should limit contact with their pets.

Understanding the susceptibility of cats to COVID-19 is essential for pet owners. While cases are rare, precautionary measures, especially for those diagnosed with the virus, can help mitigate the risk of transmission to beloved feline companions.

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