Do Cats Fart?

Key Takeaways
– Cats can indeed pass gas
– Diet and gastrointestinal issues may cause cat flatulence
– Occasional gas in cats is generally normal

Curiosity about cats and flatulence is common among pet owners. Let’s delve into the topic and unravel whether cats fart, the reasons behind it, and what’s considered normal in feline digestion.

Do Cats Fart?

Yes, Cats Can Pass Gas

Contrary to popular belief, cats can indeed pass gas. While it might not be as audible or frequent as in other animals, it’s a natural bodily function.

Reasons Behind Cat Flatulence

Diet Influences

A cat’s diet plays a significant role in gas production. Certain foods, especially those high in fiber or difficult to digest, can lead to increased flatulence.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Underlying gastrointestinal problems like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or food intolerances can contribute to increased gas in cats.

Related Questions:

Question Answer
How often do cats fart? Cats might pass gas occasionally, but it varies based on diet, health, and individual differences.
What foods cause cat flatulence? Dairy products, certain grains, or table scraps can contribute to increased gas in some cats.
When should I be concerned about cat flatulence? If a cat’s flatulence becomes frequent, excessive, or accompanies other symptoms, consult a vet.

Normalcy in Cat Flatulence

Occasional Gas is Normal

Intermittent gas in cats, especially after meals or due to dietary changes, is generally considered normal and isn’t usually a cause for concern.

Managing Cat Flatulence

Dietary Adjustments

Adjusting a cat’s diet by introducing easily digestible or low-fiber foods might help reduce flatulence.

Vet Consultation

If a cat experiences persistent or severe flatulence, consulting a veterinarian can help rule out underlying health issues and provide appropriate treatment.


Yes, cats do fart, and it’s often influenced by diet and occasional gastrointestinal factors. While intermittent gas is typically normal, significant or persistent flatulence might warrant a vet’s assessment to rule out any underlying health concerns. Understanding the factors contributing to cat flatulence can aid in managing and ensuring your feline companion’s digestive comfort.

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