Do cats lose baby teeth?

Key Takeaways
– Cats experience the shedding of deciduous teeth
– Baby teeth transition to permanent adult teeth
– Dental care and monitoring are vital for cats’ oral health

Understanding the dental development of cats unveils the intriguing process of their baby teeth. Let’s explore whether cats indeed lose their baby teeth and transition to their adult set.

Do Cats Lose Baby Teeth?

Feline Dental Growth

Yes, similar to humans, cats undergo a process of shedding their deciduous or baby teeth to make way for their permanent set of adult teeth.

Feline Dental Milestones

Timing of Tooth Shedding

Cats typically start losing their baby teeth at around 3 to 4 months of age, with the process continuing until about 6 months old.

Related Questions:

Question Answer
How many baby teeth do cats have? Kittens possess 26 baby teeth, which are replaced by 30 adult teeth as they mature.
How can I help my cat during tooth transition? Provide appropriate chew toys and maintain regular dental check-ups for optimal oral health.

Transition from Baby to Adult Teeth

Natural Shedding Process

As cats grow, their baby teeth naturally loosen and fall out, replaced by permanent adult teeth.

Importance of Dental Care

Monitoring Oral Health

Regular dental check-ups and proper dental care support the transition, ensuring healthy development and addressing any dental issues.


Cats undergo a natural process of shedding their baby teeth as they mature, transitioning to their adult set of teeth. Monitoring this dental milestone and ensuring proper oral hygiene are crucial for maintaining a cat’s dental health. Understanding these stages aids in providing adequate care and support during their dental development.

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