Have Birds Been to Space?

Key Takeaways
Fact Description
Birds in Space Birds cannot fly in space due to the lack of air, but bird embryos and eggs have been brought to space stations.
Notable Experiments American astronauts brought chicken embryos to space on the Discovery STS-29 flight, and Russian astronauts experimented with Japanese quail eggs in space.


The question “Have birds been to space?” might seem unusual at first, but it opens up a fascinating discussion about the various life forms that have journeyed beyond our planet’s atmosphere. This article will explore the intriguing history of avian and space exploration intersections.

Birds and Space Travel

Birds, as we know them, have not flown in space. The vacuum of space lacks the air necessary for birds to fly. However, this does not mean that birds have no place in the history of space exploration.

  1. Chicken embryos
  2. Japanese quail eggs

Notable Space Experiments Involving Birds

American and Russian astronauts have conducted experiments involving birds in space. Here are two notable instances:

Experiment Description
Discovery STS-29 Flight American astronauts brought 32 chicken embryos to space.
Russian Experiment Russian astronauts experimented with Japanese quail eggs in space.

Related Questions

Question Answer
Can birds fly in space? No, birds cannot fly in space due to the lack of air.
Have adult birds been taken to space? No, adult birds have not been taken to space.


While birds, in the traditional sense, have not been to space, their eggs and embryos have made the journey. These experiments have contributed to our understanding of life’s resilience and adaptability in the harsh conditions of space.

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