Have Birds Ever Killed Humans?

Key Takeaways

Fact Description
Bird Attacks Bird attacks on humans are relatively rare but have been reported.
Dangerous Birds Some bird species, like the Cassowary, have been known to attack and even kill humans.
Preventive Measures Understanding bird behavior and maintaining a respectful distance can help prevent bird attacks.


Birds, often seen as harmless creatures, have been known to exhibit aggressive behavior towards humans. But have birds ever killed humans? This article explores the instances of bird attacks on humans and delves into the reasons behind such behavior.

Instances of Bird Attacks

Bird attacks on humans are growing more common as people continue to encroach on bird nesting territory. Here are a few notable instances:

  1. Red-winged blackbirds dive-bombing at joggers.
  2. Crow attacks in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  3. Cassowary attacks in Australia.

Dangerous Birds

Certain bird species are known for their aggressive behavior. The table below highlights some of these species:

Bird Species Aggressiveness
Red-winged Blackbird Known to dive-bomb at joggers
Crow Frequent attacks reported in Vancouver
Cassowary Known to attack humans, especially when soliciting food

Fatal Bird Attacks

While fatal bird attacks on humans are extremely rare, they have occurred. The most notable case involved a Cassowary in Florida that killed its human owner in April of 2019.

Related Questions

Question Answer
Have birds ever killed humans? Yes, there have been rare instances of birds killing humans.
Which bird species are known to attack humans? Red-winged Blackbirds, Crows, and Cassowaries are among the bird species known to attack humans.


While bird attacks on humans are not common, they do occur, particularly as human activities encroach on bird habitats. Understanding this behavior can help us coexist peacefully with these fascinating creatures.

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